Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh, Great Grandchildren Update.

I now have 4 great grandchildren added to my 16 granchildren. My greats are one girl, Lauryn, and three boys, Braylon, Christopher and Kezan (pronounced keyson). And they are all beautiful and wonderful.


My Books

Well, I do have a lot of updating to do. Since I last posted, I've had several books released. They are as follows:

Miss Aggie Cries Murder (The sequel to Miss Aggie's Gone Missing) Heartsong Presents Mysteries
A Girl Like That : Heartsong Presents (Historical Romance)
Once a Thief: Heartsong Presents (Sequel to A Girl Like That)
Sugar and Spice: Heartsong Presents (Book 3 in the series)

A 3-in-1 compilation with all 3 books will be released in October with the title Windy City Brides.

The cozy mystery book club, Heartsong Presents Mysteries has been discontinued.
I still miss it very much. Our cozy mystery editor, Susan Downs, is now working for Summerside Press and doing a wonderful job. Many of the cozy authors are continuing their writing with different companies or different Barbour lines. Those who haven't found a new home for their books are working hard at it and I'm sure we'll see their talent again soon.

Barbour has a new suspense/mystery line releasing entitled Hometown Mysteries. Book 3 in my Miss Aggie series, Rest in Peace, is tentatively scheduled to release under that series in Spring of 2011. More info on that when I have it.

Until next time, may God bless you.



I've been locked out of my blogspot account for over a year. lol. Finally got the password fixed. So here I go again. Nice to see you all.