Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh, Great Grandchildren Update.

I now have 4 great grandchildren added to my 16 granchildren. My greats are one girl, Lauryn, and three boys, Braylon, Christopher and Kezan (pronounced keyson). And they are all beautiful and wonderful.



susansbooks said...

Congratulations on the great grandchildren! I thought grandchildren were exciting! You are so blessed to have 16 of those!

Anonymous said...

Whether you are raising your grand kids or they just come for a weekend visit, where do they sleep? Are you fortunate enough to have a guest room, a hide-a-bed, or do you use air mattresses like I do now. You know, even though I like this little house I have in the city, I miss all of the bedrooms, beds, and children around alot. I do look forward to when they get to come visit and have a sleep over with me.

So where do your grandchildren sleep?