Thursday, January 24, 2008

Edits and Other Stuff

Content edits and even copy edits can be traumatic. Especially the first time. I'm so thankful someone told me 'Dont fall in love with your words. You may have to kill them.' (Or something like that.) Actually, the editors who did mine were very gentle and kind along with their suggestions, but I almost went into a panic at first. However, I must say, I'm a lot happier with my book now than I was before the edits.

Just a couple of last minute things for Susan, and Miss Aggie's Gone Missing will be all wrapped up and tied with I bow.

I'm glad, because I'm excited about starting book two which I plan to do next week. While the first book focused on Victoria Storm and her senior boarders trying to find their missing friend, Aggie Pennington-Brown,
The first sequel, Miss Aggie Cries Murder, is going to be much more exciting I think.

If anyone is reading this, bye till next time.



Susan Downs said...

What fun, Frances, to witness your debut into the Blog World! I look forward to reading more about the "real" you. If MISS AGGIE CRIES MURDER is half as good as MISS AGGIE'S GONE MISSING, readers are in for a delightful mystery!


eileen said...

Too fun! Can't believe the Lord is giving us this opportunity! So glad to be a part of your world.

CHickey said...

Edits? Ugh. When I first got mine, I looked at the marks and suggestions and said, now why did Barbour offer me a contract? LOL

Frances said...

I almost panicked a few days ago, when an editor told me she needed to see full proposals for two other books. Now I was already committed to Susan for the book 3 proposal, plus the entire book two manuscript. I almost told the editor I couldn't do it. Then I asked myself 'do you want to be a writer or are you just playing around. I can do this. Susan, if your reading this, I'm almost done with the cozy proposal and will send it by mid-week if nothing unforseen occurs. First priority. And you'll have Miss Aggie Cries Murder by or before the deadline. :)